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Our team

Talented creatives. 
Culture-conscious leaders.
Effective, knowledgeable and professional collaborato
"The Saunders PR Group delivers."

Gayle Saunders Photo for bio.jpg

Gayle Saunders - Founder & CEO

Aarius Dumas

Charlotte Dancy
Administrative Support

Kevin Lloyd
E-Marketing/ E-Digital Partner

Lauryn Lipscomb Headshot .jpg

Lauryn Lipscomb
PR Account Associate

Judith Rodgers

Judith Rogers
Editorial Content Editor

Amber Mabry2.jpeg

Amber Mabry
Creative Director

Tia Ramey cropped.jpg

Tia Ramey

Melissa M_

Melissa Meredith
Media/ Advertising Specialist

Darrall Harris

Darrall Harris
Graphic Designer

Larry Connor

Larry Conner
Chief HR Officer

Donita 2

Donita Brittman
Executive Administrator 


Azaria Jackson
Media Relations Intern

Cameron Baker.jpg

Cameron Baker
Account Specialist

Nikki Stoughton

Nikki Stoughton
Project Manager

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