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Darrall Harris

Darrall Harris

Darrall Harris, TSPRG’s Graphic Designer, is a proud recent graduate of Full Sail University where he earned his master’s degree in media design, further enhancing his expertise in the field.  He has always been passionate about transforming ideas into captivating visual experiences. With a strong focus on merging functionality and artistic flair, he excels in creating innovative designs across various media including print and branding. Working with a diverse range of clients, Harris has gained recognition for his ability to translate complex concepts into visually stunning graphics. Using a client-centric mindset, he exceeds expectations through effective communication and delivering designs that leave a lasting impact. Constantly seeking new challenges and staying ahead of emerging trends, Harris is committed to pushing boundaries and expanding his skill set, ensuring his work remains fresh, innovative and cutting-edge. He also has a deep love for photography, capturing moments that tell stories through a lens, and a passion for shoe collecting, appreciating the artistry and design behind each pair.  Harris continues to make waves in the graphic design industry as a creative force who breathes life into every project and leaves a lasting impression on the world of design. 

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