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Our Charge

TSPRG was engaged to lead Vision Zero Columbus outreach and engagement efforts associated with generating awareness of and participation in the team’s goal of zero traffic-related deaths by 2035. 


Our focus is on paid and organic social media, media coverage and community engagements including planned events to help spread the message and get involved with the community by working side by side with the Vision Zero team. 


Our Plan

TSPRG devised a comprehensive plan encompassing marketing, public relations and media communications. Leveraging research data from Vision Zero and our own team, we effectively determined the appropriate target audiences. This research also enabled us to analyze and pinpoint the most effective methods of engaging our audiences, as well as identifying the outlets that would yield the greatest results. Our in-house team of media and communications experts developed the design, content and strategy, including the creation of numerous videos and commercials. 


To enhance citywide awareness, we incorporated a robust community engagement element. This involved deploying street teams to local events throughout the city, as well as securing media opportunities such as recurring appearances on the popular local television program, Good Morning Marketplace. Additionally, we designed eye-catching posters and curated special events to further amplify our message. Vision Zero continues to be an active client, and we remain committed to our ongoing efforts to eliminate traffic fatalities and reduce serious injuries in the city.

Our Results

​In the span of just one year, our monthly impressions on our media buy exceeded one million views with a monthly average of over 2,000 engagements across all media buy accounts. Our social media accounts, with a robust paid and organic strategy, gave us growth of 100 to 150 followers a month across all channels with an active engagement rate between 10-20 percent.

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Making IMPACT to save lives.

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 In the community 

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