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The Saunders PR Group has consistently remained in the spotlight for its outstanding achievements in the field of PR, news and media. Over the years, the agency has garnered numerous accolades and recognition for its exceptional work in public relations and corporate communications. From securing high-profile media placements to launching successful PR campaigns, The Saunders PR Group has established itself as a trusted leader in the industry.


The Saunders PR Group has been instrumental in helping clients effectively communicate their messages and navigate crisis communications, ensuring they maintain a positive public image. With our team of seasoned professionals dedicated to delivering results, The Saunders PR Group continues to make great strides in the world of news and media in the city of Columbus and beyond.

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The Equity Collective - NBC4 - E. Gayle Saunders, APR

COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) – Black philanthropists and allies celebrated the launch of a very special mission called the Equity Collective Saturday night.

The collective is about engaging Black philanthropists to give back, fund projects around Columbus, and fuel the next generation.

Saturday’s inaugural event featured a panel of leaders, all pioneers within the community. They said the event is about telling the story of their mission to reidentify philanthropy within the Black community.


Gayle E. Saunders, APR
Mahogany Columbus - E. Gayle Saunders, APR

Congratulations to our incredible Founder and CEO, E. Gayle Saunders, APR! Gayle Saunders will be honored by Mahogany Columbus at its Small Business Awards Ceremony on December 19. Kudos to all recipients for their outstanding achievements! 🏆 #tsprg #columbusohio

Sassee Show with Gayle Saunders

Tune in to the SASSEE Show hosted by Gayle Saunders (@pr_guru_gayle) on NBC4 - WCMH. Check local listings and visit for more info!


📺 #SASSEEShow #mustWatch #ceo #inthemedia #television #mediainterview #columbus #ohio

Congresswoman Joyce Beatty invited Gayle Saunders to White House.

Congresswoman Joyce Beatty invited Gayle Saunders to be a guest at a recent women's event at the White House. See post here.

Twin Rivers, Links, Incorporated celebrated Emerald Elegance Holiday Brunch
national TheLinksLogo_tagWhite.png

Members Celebrating Emerald Elegance Holiday Brunch 2023 was a resplendent affair filled with joy and warmth.

Who's Who in Black Columbus - E. Gayle Saunders, APR

E. Gayle Saunders, APR, Saunders PR Group, Founder and CEO, featured in the 17th edition of "Who's Who In Black Columbus.” 

E. Gayle Saunders, APR

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100 Black Women Columbus - E. Gayle Saunders, APR
Screen Shot 2023-12-12 at 5.15.29 PM.png

WCEO Bubbles & Bags 

TSPRG in community supporting women owned businesses and Keena Smith

TSPRG Celebrating Joyce Beatty
Gayle Saunders, Mo Wright, Amber Mabry
Gayle Saunders, Tiffany Wright, Amber Mabry

RAMA Consulting
20th Year Anniversary Event

Joyce Beatty’s Annual Women's Luncheon

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TSPRG LinkUS and MORPC Public Engagement Event 2023


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