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When I think about "Sisters About Service, Support, Encouragement and Engagement," I believe it embodies the essence of women uplifting and supporting one another in various aspects of life. It signifies a bond among women that transcends friendship, business relationships or family ties, focusing on mutual assistance, guidance and empowerment.


When women come together to support and uplift each other, we create a powerful network that fosters personal growth, professional success and overall well-being. It helps us pick up one another, dust off and get back to living our best lives. It is a sisterhood that is rooted in empathy, compassion and understanding, enabling women to navigate the challenges we face every day and providing a space for us to celebrate each other's achievements: large and small. When we as women support, service/assist and encourage each other professionally, spiritually and personally, we help cultivate a space of collaboration and inclusivity, which fosters collective success.

We recognize the power of women, and we have made remarkable strides as entrepreneurs and, of course, in the corporate, government and sports arenas while shattering glass ceilings. And yet, I see that there is still a need for women to encourage and uplift one another as we continue to break down barriers; in fact, I say it is imperative. 

SASSEE is a safe space, a cool place and a much needed space where we can collectively learn from one another, offer support and mentorship and empower each other to pursue our dreams, advance our careers and overcome challenges. Whether it's through networking, sharing resources or offering guidance, the encouragement provided by one woman to another can make a significant difference in building confidence, resilience and self-belief. Trust me – I KNOW this to be true.



The importance of women encouraging one another cannot be overstated. In a society that has historically undervalued women's contributions, it is crucial for women to unite and uplift each other. By celebrating each other's accomplishments, women challenge societal norms and redefine the narrative of what a ‘boss lady’ is all about, and we honor achievement in a way that says it is okay to be SASSEE

We will create a space for us to hear from each other about our personal journeys and we will broadcast our stories so that others can learn and grow. The encouragement and support given by one woman to another creates a ripple effect, inspiring future generations of women to pursue their dreams and reach for their goals. 

For me, it is this solidarity and positive truth-saying that strengthens bonds and fosters a sense of community among women, ultimately creating a more equitable and inclusive society. 
When women uplift and support each other, we unlock our collective? full potential and pave the way for a brighter, more empowering future for all. And, for me, that is what SASSEE is all about.

I invite you to be SASSEE with us as we shift the narrative about being a boss lady and beyond. 


“When women succeed, we all succeed.” 

E. Gayle Saunders
SASSEE Boss and Founder



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